Renonce: Déjà morts

Renonce, the Montreal-based solo act of musician Frédéric Nogarède, follows the excellent recent single, Faille, with another track which becomes the second single from the upcoming full length, Ombre.

Déjà morts is another fiery track which demonstrates the project's vision. The climactic three-note melody is supported by warped and twisted chords and a drum machine pattern which brings to mind the nineties industrial era. With three vocal harmonies, including the primary screamed one, the chorus is the most commanding and the darkest of the album.

"Surtout, ne priez pas pour notre cause, nous sommes déjà morts," translates to: "above all, do not pray for our cause, we’re already dead."

The accordingly dark and creative music video was created by Pieceofpaper aka Emmanuelle Charneau, and the track was produced by industrial duo Odonis Odonis.

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