Live Skull: Magic Consciousness

NYC no-wave veterans, Live Skull, are back with new album, Party Zero, releasing on May 26th, 2023 via Bronson Recordings. Magic Consciousness is the album's opening track, and a solid number which finds the experienced band in a very creative mode. 

Live Skull explain: "The magic of consciousness is a stellar gift; the fact that we waste so much of it on lies and misinformation incites Live Skull to make some noise!"

Getting in a room and being really noisy is just a natural response to what's going on right now because otherwise, you’ll just go crazy. That gave Live Skull a reason to exist again,” says guitarist and vocalist Mark C.

Dave Hollinghurst, a guitarist with an energizing presence, is urging the band in a brand new direction, joining Live Skull on Party Zero

Before their brand of clever and imaginative grittiness became lucrative, the New York experimental band took an indefinite hiatus, and returned in 2016. Party Zero is a strongly ideological album, made to fit a rather politically loaded era.

Desperation inspires us to make art and music,” Mark C. comments. “There’s a lot of birth and rebirth, looking for pathways of resistance and promoting the good and trying to fight against evil. I once said we had to start Live Skull because Reagan became president. And we had to restart Live Skull because Trump became president.

We’ve been pushed to the edge – how do we claw our way back? That’s been a common theme in Live Skull since the beginning, and so it is now. We’re trying to provoke thought.” 

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