Polexia!: Heißes Schmutzwasser

Johanna Connolly and Jezebel Halewood-Leagas make up the two-piece industrial group, Polexia!. Their distinct sound is quite eclectic and unsettling, fusing spoken word delivery with engaging samplings and noise. 

The group has expanded their craft since the release of their debut EP, Immolation. on SPINE Records, embracing the influences of early experimental innovators including Gundrun Gut, Pauline Ovlieras, and Cosey Fanni Tutti.

Polexia! have a new two-song release out. Heißes Schmutzwasser and The Weeping Tide show their penchant for compelling industrial noise and their inherent eccentricity, displaying their influence from German coldwave and eighties darkwave. The outcome is a nod to "depression baths" and cleaning up after days in filth.

Pearl Home Records release the single on seven-inch vinyl on March 30th, 2023.

Pearl Home Records Bandcamp

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