A Very Special Episode: Strobes

A Very Special Episode return with Strobes, their newest single and video reveal off their upcoming full length. Comparable to their usually rousing sound, the song is brimming with raw emotion and edginess, appearing to be on the cusp of constant threat while also sounding reassuringly personable.

Like a hallucinogenic dream, the video is a perfect match to the song's intensity, creating a cohesive piece that highlights the band's steady growth and distinct vision.

The band's statement mentions: "There’s a beauty in chaos and noise, and when utilized properly both are fantastic adhesives for disparate pieces in video and sound collages. As people, we’re messy byproducts of our influences and the media we grew up with and our music, of course, is as well. Always searching for something new and novel to “freak me out” and add to life’s pile of interesting and noteworthy experiences that are the raw materials of our art."

Freak Me Out, the upcoming full length by A Very Special Episode will be released on June 23rd, 2023 via Hidden Home Records/EWEL Records.

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