HAAL: Judy

Ahead of UK dates that include the Dot2Dot Festival and performances with up-and-coming artists Cowboyy and Teeth Machine, Bristol quartet HAAL emerge with their new single, Judy, out March 30th, 2023 on Blitzcat Records.

A highlight piece for its genre mixing nature, Judy is centered by the nervy violin contribution of Tom Connolly (Quade), and a bright guitar riff, both of which are strong components of the music's solid instrumentation. Judy culminates in an effective blend noise rock and electronica ending, marked by the band's offbeat and unusual style.

The band's fixation with the ideas presented in the classic television series Twin Peaks led to the creation of the song. Vocalist Alfie Hay explains how he began to realise "a gargantuan story of human emotion spanning decades and mediums to present a vision that is totally up for interpretation…a cautionary tale of the dangers of television which I wanted to encapsulate and re-contextualise using the medium of music."

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