Her New Knife: lead dreams/flayed so light

Philadelphia band, Her New Knife, come forth with a pretty melancholic and gritty sound based on the shoegaze and slowcore vanguard, while their compositional approach can be rather effective. The band has delivered their sophomore EP, lead dreams/flayed so light, composed of three tracks which make a fine showcase of their range.

douglasland.v1 s the first single released off Her New Knife's new EP, and features jangly guitars, expansive drumming, and memorable songwriting. The song, which is about the band's dog named Halo 3, is drenched in sweet wistfulness, going through softer and heavier passages.

Ruin comes next to strike an ideal harmony between DnB, dreampop and shoegaze elements and ultimately come off as a very confident and enigmatic expression of the band's sound.

The EP's enforcing ending, Mouth, sounds even more sentimental and pushes the mood to its utmost extreme with soft vocals, grungy shoegaze guitar eruptions, and an excessive amount of fuzz and reverb.

lead dreams/flayed so light is twelve and a half minutes of raw and enchanting shoegaze, and an immersive listen from every angle.

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