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Korine have a great new album out. Tear embodies every aspect of the band's aesthetic and is bursting with vitality and challenging moods. Early standout singles and videos laid the groundwork for the album's effectiveness, which ultimately turned out to be superb.

Morgy Ramone discusses the band's new album and more, marking Korine's return for an interview with D//E.

Did you try your best to creatively maximize your time in quarantine?

Yes, I would say we did - we spent a lot of time writing. It was really nice to be able to focus on the process and not so much on the isolation aspect. It was an escape for sure.

What are some of the concepts of the new album?

Being true to yourself and continuing on even in the face of sadness and self doubt.

How did Tear come to be?

We were trying to lean more into our pop-centric side with songs that are catchy and sickly sweet. We wrote the majority of it in quarantine

In comparison to your earlier albums, how does this new one differ?

Tear is distinct because it felt like we were expanding our sound and going into new territories with a more pop forward approach. We always want to push ourselves creatively and do what is not expected.

How would you describe the band's creative intent?

With Tear we were trying to capture a unique feeling - one that's relatable but maybe under discussed. I think being vulnerable and honest is at the core of what we make.

Can you pick out your earliest memories involving music?

For me, it was probably getting my first CD (Nevermind) and just being a massive music fan from an early age. I loved music videos and dissecting any album I could get my hands on.

How has performing live been after the pandemic?

It was pretty weird at first but we got to see how important going to shows is for people - the amount of relief that they got from attending. Relief from knowing that bands are continuing on - even with this enormous setback.

What other influences, besides music, have had a significant impact on your creative thinking, lately?

I like to take photos and make digital art. I feel that all creativity draws from similar places so the art looks like the music and vice versa.

What lies in Korine's near future?

We have a North American tour coming up that we're really excited for - trying to figure out going to Europe as well. We're always working on something, so there is always something on the way.


Photo courtesy of Korine

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