Desert Sharks: Medusa

Grunge rockers, Desert Sharks, prepare to release their new album, Desert Sharks - The Tower, on March 31st, 2023 from Substitute Scene Records. Medusa, the band's new single, takes a heavier turn than its predecessor, Sleepy Pie, and comes with a video which captures the Brooklyn DIY scene.

Vocalist and bassist Stephanie Gunther comments on the band's new offering: "Medusa is this Greek mythological icon of power, sensuality, and strength in the face of assault and trauma. Growing up, I only saw her referred to as a monster - something to be feared and destroyed. Now I see her as this symbol of feminism and fortitude that not even death can diminish. I wanted to write a song about her experience told from her own perspective. I suppose it's an anthem of feminine rage and reclamation of power."

Medusa is another powerful release from Desert Sharks, grounded on heavy guitars, an emotional vocal, and a lot of melody, and suggesting that a pretty solid full length is on the way.

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