Desert Sharks: Sleepy Pie

New York quartet, Desert Sharks, prepare to release their new album, Desert Sharks - The Tower, on March 31st, 2023 from Substitute Scene Records, and introduce it with the dynamic indie punk rocker, Sleepy Pie, and its fun accompanying video.

With a riot grrrl spirit and a tight approach to their songwriting, Desert Sharks take on the 'dream girl' pattern, and give it their own twist: "The "Dream Girl" trope is tired. Total fantasy. This song is a call out to those who focus on the fantasy part, ignoring the actual person they are pining over.

The vocal harmonies and fast drumming collide with the cutting guitar riffs, creating an interesting and vibrant contrast. The song's impression is satirized in the video in a rather playful manner, with everything going well at first, but quickly fall apart.

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