Pile: Lowered Rainbow

The final preview of Pile's eagerly awaited new album, All Fiction, due out on February 17th, 2023 via Exploding In Sound, is the vibrant new single, Lowered Rainbow, and its accompanying video.

All Fiction is a thorough and methodical examination into the links between anxiety and mortality, the subjectivity of perception, the data-shaping despotism of big tech, and the various degrees of perception. The release of the new single reveals more of the intriguing concept of the album and showcases the group's new musical approach.

Musically, this one took a bunch of different shapes before it landed the way it did on the record,” Rick Maguire explains. “The structure of the song didn't really change much from when it was written so most of the alterations made were textural, and we pushed it further than a lot of other songs we have. Lyrically, it's about cults, conspiracy theories, and the trend toward increasingly imaginative beliefs about reality.

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