Hexsiren: Aggro-Elegance

Multi-instrumentalist and singer Blood Spring, from Denver, Colorado, emerges with the DIY project, Hexsiren, with the aspiration to eventually become a touring and recording band. Influenced by both classic and contemporary heavy music, Hexsiren mentions inspiration from black metal, death metal, war metal, grindcore, d-beat, thrash metal, and noise.

Aggro-Elegance is a raw black metal number, written from the viewpoint of a person who is having a mental breakdown and is actively trying to stop it while fully aware of its occurrence. The song is the opening track of the freshly released full length, The Human Cost, and establishes a sound and narrative tone for the rest of the album.

Between edgy, brutal and melodic death metal and black metal darkness, the song exhibits a creative act ready to implode in the constrained spheres of underground extreme metal.

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