D//E Premiere: Veil Of Light: Hypersleep

Sundancing, the upcoming album from Swiss dark synthpop duo Veil Of Light, will be released on February 24th, 2023, through Avant! Records, two years after their previous full length, Landslide. The newest single from the album, Hypersleep, is a melodic tune with emotional resonance which combines rich instrumentation and effective rhythms, similar to the band's approach and their blending of darkness and romanticism.

The song's driving pace and lush production provide a solid foundation for the sentimental vocals, which convey lyrics discussing the delicateness of life and romance in an evocative tone.

Hypersleep comes with a great video of beautiful VHS visuals and aesthetics which seamlessly match the music's nostalgic synthpop sound. 

Genuinely elegant and productive, Veil of Light keep on going with their sixth studio album, which holds all the makings of a fantastic album. 

Band photo courtesy of Avant! Records

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