Cave Diver: Mosaics

Stephen Lee Clark (ex-Deafheaven), Jeffrey Day (ex-Calculator, Never Young), Kevin Johnson (Weekend), Caleb Dravier (Jungle Gym Records), and particle accelerator physicist Nathan Burger (Hand Model) make up the Los Angeles-based slowcore/dreampop band Cave Diver. The group kicks things off to a really strong start with the first single, Mosaics.

Stephen Lee Clark explains: "Mosaics details a time in which I finally confronted my tendency to run away from things that I knew were good for me. It was the first time I asked myself ‘Why are you scared to be happy?’ A year in solitude in the forest helped me to clearly reflect on the decisions I had made and the problems I had created for myself. Mosaics challenges the linear nature of peoples' pursuit for happiness and shares my own realization that if I can confront the demons of self-sabotage and remind myself I'm worthy of a happy life, the fragmented portrait of a fulfilled and meaningful existence will build itself outward from there."

With a rather melancholic approach reminiscent of the nineties, Mosaics comes across quite pragmatic lyrically, while its dreamlike and airy sound makes for a thrilling contrast.

Cave Diver recorded forthcoming EP entitled Alone With Everything at Jack Shirley’s Atomic Garden studio and are currently working on a full length album.

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