Sunnbrella: Polyester

Pushing the boundaries of shoegaze pop by making great use of its tropes, producer Sunnbrella returns with his new 12-track album, Heartworn, out on February 24th, 2023.  Polyester is the final single reveal off the album, and a quite vibrant piece which provides an intriguing juxtaposition.

Commenting on Polyester, Sunnbrella says: “The song is about lying to yourself and eventually realizing that you had it all wrong. It’s funny because the song sounds quite happy and optimistic compared to the rest of the album but the lyrics are actually kind of a downer. I like that contrast and I guess it’s a way to turn something negative into something uplifting. There’s a sense of nonchalance to the delivery that gives it closure, like you’re looking back at a disappointing experience with some distance and clarity. I wrote the song when I was in the midst of the situation but it’s almost like my future self was already talking to me through the song.

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