Mavourneen: Drink

Danish alternative rock duo, Mavourneen, composed of Hans Gustav Björklund Moulvad (guitar, vocals) and Benedicte Pierleoni-Nielsen (drums) has just finished their debut album, Submassive, which was produced and mixed by Nis Bysted (Iceage, Liss, First Hate, Baby In Vain, Escho).

The album is an exploration of the submissive state in all of its manifestations, with both avant-gardist and traditional rock influences. In order to define discovering freedom in the absence of options, the word 'Submassive' was created. The entire record was formed around the perplexing thoughts of feeling free within limitation, much like diving below the surface only to find oneself floating high over an immense chasm.

Drink is an expression of greed and the need-driven, self-reinforcing cycles that result from it. The song, which takes its title from a Khalil Gibran quotation, is about an unending stream of consuming and being consumed.  

Working with Nis Bysted in a variety of studios and assembling the song from a multitude of individual bits has been a protracted and hectic process.

The stories and mythologies of greed and lust for power served as inspiration for both the song and the music video. Christoffer Evan Ansel, who graduated from the Danish Film Academy with the critically acclaimed short film Hullet, directed the video, which was an illustration of how desire, greed, and want can manifest as an individual.

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