It Was A Good Dream: Linter

Linter is the second single from Rememory, the upcoming sophomore album by instrumental post rock duo, It Was A Good Dream. Utilizing their influence from punk rock and more extreme sound, the band is in full forceful mode, mingling heavier elements with airier and more atmospheric production. 

The song maintains the post rock melodic hooks of the duo's typical sound, as they continue to push their artistry to its most daring edges.

This is probably my favorite song on the new record,” says drummer Chris Anthony “We both grew up listening to punk and aggressive music, and it was a rewarding challenge to incorporate some of that influence into our songwriting.

This song is unlike anything we’ve ever done,” adds guitarist and producer Alex Glover. “The first half of the song is dark and tumultuous in a way we’ve never explored. Somewhere along the way I got really deep into sound design, and our typical dreamy melancholy guitars got replaced by these earthy sound manipulations that feel like unprocessed emotions scraping at the surface.

The impending album was produced by It Was A Good Dream and James Bridges (Caspian, American Echoes, Mike Gordon), and will be released in April 2023 via Dunk!Records.

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