Sudden Voices: Way of the World

Way of the World is the first single from the forthcoming album by experimental alternative act, Sudden Voices, which is due out April 7th, 2023. Sudden Voices is a project helmed by Ben Morris, formerly a member of London-based post-kraut/drone rock group Union Wireless, whose lineup changed frequently throughout the nineties.

The music of Sudden Voices is mellow, well-rounded psychedelia, with choral arrangements in competition with repetitive rhythms and acoustic instruments, and improvisation playing a significant role in the songwriting. The music ultimately has an experimental impression, but it doesn't lose its overarching sense of unity. Morris cites The Velvet Underground, Suicide, and The Fall among the bands that have influenced the style of Sudden Voices, as well as the metronomic groove of krautrock and the space jazz of Miles Davis' Bitches Brew.

The lyrics of the new song express a sense of surrender and hostility toward the outside world as does the song's title, which pays homage to the Flipper song of the same name. The world is a harsh place, but that is just how it is.

Morris produced the accompanying video, which loops through a bank of analog television screens as it explores these themes. In spite of all the interference and glitching, a distinct storyline manages to arise in a visual interpretation of the work of video artists like Ira Schneider and Bruce Nauman. It refers to a place which initially seems to be pretty on the outside, but as time goes on, the underlying congestion and conflict become more obvious.

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