Chrome Waves: Under the Weight of a Billion Souls

For a long while, Chrome Waves have been more than competent at combining post metal and black metal into a very contemporary amalgam that's completely their own, bringing the best of both worlds together. Their latest single, Under The Weight Of A Billion Souls, is a fantastic new addition to that genre mixing path, finding the band's sound full of expression and atmosphere,

The new song is also the first track from the group's upcoming full-length, expected in 2023. Black metal aspects from the genre's classic and modern eras blend seamlessly, while key components of Chrome Waves' sound are well applied in combination.

The first single has one particular theme and was written with it in mind – responsibility towards your fellow man,” says Chrome Waves singer and guitarist James Benson. “Humanity as a whole and its greed and ability to hyper focus on only our small 'tribe' and remain in echo chambers with social media while our neighbors suffer through turmoil in front of our blinded ways, and those with resources make no changes to help millions in poverty. It is a stark vision of our future collapse.

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