Bo Gritz: Observes and Selects

Brit noise rockers Bo Gritz formed in 2015 and emerged with an energetic live presence in the London gig circuit, supporting acts like Bo Ningen and Black Midi, while at the same time they put their grittiness to records through a series of fierce EPs and singles. After almost a five-year hiatus, the band is back and sounds more potent, refined, and mature than ever. A strong specimen of intelligence and sonic destruction, their new single Observes and Selects rolls out waves of noise mixed with fascination and dread.

Commenting on the new track, guitarist and vocalist Finn Holland remarks: "The lyrics for the song emerged by using cut-up technique. I collected a large bank of words and sentences, collected from many different sources which were then butchered up. Gossip magazines, articles on a murder, manuals from a washing machine were merged and then used to form the lyrics for the songs. Observes and Selects (in my view) became something depicting a place confusing and claustrophobic. It’s a short, sharp reintroduction to Bo Gritz, and a taster of things to come."

The song comes with a trippy lyric visualizer, made with Hydra by Omar Zaghouani, and edited by Marieke Hulzinga.

With the commitment of more music to arrive soon, Observes and Selects signifies Bo Gritz's coming out of standby mode as well as their signing to cult indie label Glasshouse Records (Mandrake Handshake, For Breakfast).

Bo Gritz are Finn Holland (guitar, vocals, samples), Max Goulding (percussion, samples) and Benjamin Salt (bass, vocals).

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