Badlands: See You Get Hurt (Art Feynman Remix)

A new remix from Call to Love, the latest album by Catharina Jaunviksna's Badlands project, is the first in a series of interpretations by and with her inspirational sources. The upcoming release is a thrilling endeavor through various different styles, spanning folk, hip-hop, electro, psychedelia, house, and italo sounds.

Luke Temple (Here We Go Magic), an experienced producer and recording artist, is the first to present a new remix. The anti-single from the new album, See You Get Hurt, has been completely transformed into something new.

With a new inviting guise and a fresh sound, Temple's stripped down rendition of the track provides the composition with an entirely distinct meaning, and differentiates itself from the original track, which has an enigmatic and dark push. Through this viewpoint, See You Get Hurt, conjures up a psychedelic lo-fi pop aura evocative of the seventies.

See You Get Hurt (Art Feynman Remix) is out via RITE.

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