Lauds: 24

Lauds, a new band from Wilmington, North Carolina, have just released their debut album, Imitation Life, presented alongside the lead single, 24. The song, which is about conquering self-doubt and anxiety, is  a moody shoegaze number which features a menacing keyboard line that carries on for most of its duration.

"I wrote it in grad school a few weeks before my 25th birthday and now looking back on the lyrics at 27 I hear myself expressing frustration about trying to break free from the vices that kept pulling me down at the time," explains Holt, the band's lead guitarist.

"Musically 24 features jangly interwoven guitar melodies and a pulsing rhythm section characteristic of the Lauds sound. 

"My inspiration for the track was to sound like New Order covering Boys of Summer by Don Henley. I'm not sure we got there but I'm proud of where we ended up."

Over the past three years, Lauds, a mainstay of the Port City live music scene, has released three singles and two EPs. Their first full-length album finds them expanding their horizons and honing their dreampop sound.

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