Spirit Award: Pushing Forward

Spirit Award, the project of Seattle-based singer and songwriter Daniel Lyon, returns with new single, Pushing Forward, part of the new album, The Fear, expected out on May 19th, 2023 via Share It Music.

The band's new sound has evolved into a combination of motorik, psychedelic, gritty, and forceful music that still retains a few pop conceptions, and takes cues from artists like Arthur Russell, Neu!, and Suicide.

"This idea for this song came about at a time of growth and realization, during some sleepless nights," Daniel Lyon comments on the new single. "I had so many things getting thrown my way throughout my musical career; Vans getting broken into, gear stolen, rehearsal space getting robbed, identity getting stolen, van getting stolen, health problems, and most of all financial problems. The worst of all these has been a post-pandemic landscape which has changed how bands tour and put out music and try to make a living doing so. This has not only affected musicians but also music venues. Throughout all this, as a person and as a musician, I have always tried to keep ‘pushing forward’. So this song became a motivation to do so and sort of a rallying cry for our music community. I am thankful to have had the support of MusiCares and friends that helped me through a journey of growth and discovery. And knowing that no matter how low things get, there is hope."

The Fear is meant to be a meditation, a way to let go of pressure, and a way to stimulate individuals to share joy and affection by questioning their background and the conventional wisdom of society.

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