Sickrecy: Follow The Leader

Swedish extreme metal band, Sickrecy, formed in early 2020, and consist of members from Birdflesh, World in Ruins, Damned to Downfall and General Surgery. With d-beat and crust punk influences, the group offers a pretty muscular and dynamic take on old school grindcore and death metal.

Caustic, politically charged lyrics delivered with physicality and force combine splendidly with the speed and total chaos of the music to produce an enforcing final product that hits hard with each and every second.

Salvation Through Tyranny, the band's rather combative full-length, exhibits Sickrecy's seamless crust punk and grindcore fusion, and makes for a satisfying listen while expressing a lot of aggression and defiance. It's a daring album characterized by unfiltered rage, strength, hammering speed, and fervor.

Follow The Leader is a prominent moment in an album full of extreme metal excellence and an overall bleak approach which is completely relevant in today's context.

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