2022 End Of Year Lists: Music Videos

It starts all over, once more, for the ninth year in a row. As is standard, D//E's End Of Year retrospect starts with a list of the music videos which stood out in 2022, before moving on to the heftier lists of EPs and albums, expected in the days to follow.

We chose a long list of forty entries, per tradition in no particular order, presented in playlist form.

A Place to Bury Strangers - I'm Hurt
VOWWS - One by One
Plattenbau - Tomahawk
The Bobby Lees - Hollywood Junkyard
Lost Cat - Bitch Fight
Ganser - People Watching
Boris - Beyond Good and Evil
Oh Hiroshima - Humane
Celeste - Le Coeur Noir Charbon
Bank Myna - Los Ojos De Un Cielo Sin Luz
Bestial Mouths - I Am the Spell
Wovenhand - 8 of 9
Mogwai - Boltfor
Clan of Xymox - How Long
Kæɾy Ann - Blue Eyes
ACTORS - Killing Time
Minuit Machine - Lion in a Cage
Modern Woman - Ford
DRAG - Sophie 
SRSQ - Abyss
Bunuel - Roll Call
Brutus - Liar
Chat Pile - Slaughterhouse
Escuela Grind - All Is Forgiven
Zetra - Satellite
Aerofall - Heads
A Place to Bury Strangers - Nice of You to Be There for Me
GIFT - Share Te Present 
100% - No Cure for Love
Leizure - Heaven and Back (Again)
Ladytron - City of Angels
Rival Consoles - Vision of Self
Pale Dian - Misanthrope
Denuit: - I'm Bleeding
Fell Ruin - Stain the Field
Wormrot - Grieve / Weeping Willow / Voiceless Choir
M(h)aol - Asking for It
Ronker - Shame
Iron Years - Lucid
Maer - Sister

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