Hammock: Procession/Love in the Void

Nashville atmospheric post rockers, Hammock, have revealed the double single, Procession w/ Love In The Void, the two tracks which comprise the opening moments of their anticipated new album, Love in the Void.

The renowned duo once again delivers a compelling listen, and the accompanying video creates a mesmerizing parallel to the enchanting atmosphere of the music.

Regarding the singles and the music video, Marc Byrd of Hammock says: "Procession is the opening ceremony leading into the title track, Love In the Void. The last section of Love In the Void is probably the heaviest ending of any song we’ve ever done. The video captures this perfectly. It looks and feels like a weighted beauty… like the whole catastrophe. The procession of the big bang evolving into love in the void. It’s the forward movement of life, of yearning… the forward movement towards love. David Altobelli made a masterpiece with this video."

Love in the Void comes out on January 27th, 2023. 

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