LULL are a heavily loaded emo rock group from Newcastle Upon Tyne, formed to become a part of the North East UK hardcore scene, referencing bands such as Citizen, Basement, Title Fight, Koyo, Anxious, FiddleHead, and Drug Church as influences. The band's new material, which was previously introduced with the powerfully emotional and expressive single, Your Time, has just been released as the four-song EP, WRONGSIDE.

Wrongside, the EP's opening number and title track, features LULL's enthusiastic noncompliance, and is customary of the band's noteworthy songwriting framework, with big melodies and compelling vocals, as it encourages the listener to respond to its immediacy and melodiousness. The song's lyrics depict a feeling of uncertainty and desire in one's faith as they search for God.

In a similar manner, the more post hardcore-hued piece, So Clear, follows to come across as something equally imposing, albeit a little more convoluted on the melodic and structural front. The rest of the EP showcases the band sounding cuttingly sharp, as Not Listening charms with its punk rock vividness and the dedication of the band's affective execution, while the previously unveiled closing number, Your Time, wraps up the release on a thrilling and high note.

LULL continue to build momentum with each new offering, introducing a diverse range and profile, frequently converging genres in a undaunted and fascinating manner. WRONGSIDE goes by rapidly, and yet it appears to be a long-lasting listening encounter.

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