Bank Myna: The Open Door // Stellar Frequencies Live Session

Following the release of their all around imposing album, VOLAVERUNT, from early 2022, Parisian post rockers, Bank Myna, unveil an excellent debut live session in association with Stellar Frequencies. Off the band's recent album, the majestic track, The Open Door is being transformed into an even lengthier and utterly immersive piece of psychedelic, experimental, droning post rock, which certainly leaves a lasting impression and demonstrates the quartet's live strength.

The band members had gathered in Haute-Loire a few weeks back, after a long summer break, in a beautiful barn which is embellished with old stones, and feels enveloped in memories.

The new live performance differs from the album version in its arrangement, with parts having been added or rearranged to give the altogether fresh experience a larger perspective.

For this one, the band came up with a grand, 18-minute version of the song, composed of darker and brighter moments, creating an absolutely spectacular mood as a whole.

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