D//E Premiere: Cementation Anxiety: Illness Inveigh

Kyle of the hardcore punk band, Bodiless, creates music under his own ambient drone project, Cementation Anxiety. Having been an appreciator of ambient, drone, and noise sounds, the artist offers his take on these genres by way of processed guitar, field recordings, oscillators, noise machines, and even hardware tools.

Illness Inveigh is an eighteen-plus-minute standalone track which is brimming with raw emotion and has liberating properties due to its incredible interplay of harsher and more atmospheric sounds.

Kyle explains: "Illness Inveigh, as a standalone track, explores sound dynamics more than anything else. In the midst of writing new material, I desired to compose a single work that engages the listener's experience through these gradual and abrupt shifts in volume. Throughout this year, life has been rather chaotic—and this long track serves as documentation and a mode of catharsis: the juxtaposition of harsh noise and dense ambient drone is intentional to illuminate these sentiments."

Illness Inveigh can be generally defined as ambient music, but it is not reluctant to expand toward the harsher tones and more experimental approaches of industrial noise and power electronics. Serene and immersive at its calmer moments, disturbing at its noisier parts, the track is a beautiful journey of lifelike discomfort which takes shape in an intimate and assertive way.

Illness Inveigh is out digitally and on tape through Black Artifact.

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