megalashhh: Shoot the Moon

Fresh band, megalashhh describe themselves as "three stay at home parents weaving tunes and scheming big hits in the soup of South London." From the early examples of their craft, the band comes across with a completely artful and unconventional take on post punk, with strong electronic elements, lyrical acuity, and noticeable performances.

Shoot the Moon, named after a card trick in the game Hearts, is the first track on the band's debut EP, Cheap Thrills. It's a moody song, recorded at the beginning of 2022, which "recounts that low life mood on the sofa; ordering greasy takeaways, turning numb from all the shite Netflix feeds - scrolling through for that perfect match," according to the band. "The love of your life, your future fellow borrower; might just be a fingers’ swipe away. All the while, Bezos, Zuckerberg et al. dine out on iguanas, paid for by the data harvested from your fumblings on the fibre optic. The song hopefully ends in a happier spot, one where people can see their choice to break out. You’re not like anyone - gallop free through the hills."

Slow-burning at its core, Shoot the Moon, much like the rest of the band's first EP, presents the haunting properties of the band's musicianship as well as their rather offbeat and divergent approach to instrumentation and production.

Megalashhh are Alessia Stranieri (bass guitar, vocals), Cal Rae (guitar), and Caleb Watson (vocals, drum machine, electronics).

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