Salvation: Up on the Wall

Mock, the fourth album from Chicago band Salvation, is a tour de force of dark and boisterous noise rock, marked by frontman Jason Sipe's punctured vocals, and a powerful instrumental base. Mock is Salvation's first album for Reptilian Records, whose back catalog includes releases from Dwarves, Easy Action, KEN mode, and Chat Pile.

Up On the Wall is a bluesy number which exemplifies the band's denser songwriting mode while also demonstrating their heavy grunge nature and inherent musical aggression. Backwards Bunny, a previously unreleased track, takes a more chaotic and nonlinear perspective. The album also contains two ballads, Drag the River and Worn Out Party, in which the band highlights a darkened croon reminiscent of Elliott Smith.

Salvation are Jason Sipe (guitar, vocals), Victor Riley (bass) and drummer Brian Wnukowski who's also a founding member of nineties Chicago noise rock unit Big'n (Skin Graft Records).

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