Rare Kreature: Narrow Paths

Rare Kreature, the inherently dark Phoenix, Arizona-based project, continues to evolve and explore several facets of the dark underground, from post punk and darkwave to dreampop and new wave sounds. Dim and Distant is the project's recently released second album, a death rock and post punk exercise which is both equivalent to the band's usual sound and a step forward.

Narrow Paths is the album's opening number, a surf rocker with a horror theme, post punk nerviness and a gothic heart. Bringing to mind the direct, steeped in darkness punk rock of The Cramps, 45 Grave, Specimen and the like, the song comes with traditional value, and at the same time sees Rare Kreature excelling in a style which fits them like a glove.

The song is accompanied by a video featuring clips from classic horror films such as The Mummy's Tomb, Carnival of Souls, Horror Hotel, The Addams Family, Nosferatu, and others.

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