Outrun the Sunlight: Ambivalence 2.0

Part of a modern wave of great quality post rock from Chicago, a city well-known for its role in the genre's shaping and evolution, Outrun The Sunlight move forward by looking back at their earlier material. Austin Peters and Cody McCarty wrote The Return of Inertia in 2011 when they were 19 and 20, and it has been revisited by the band to be released as The Return of Inertia 2.0.

Ambivalence 2.0 is the third track on the upcoming album, recorded during lockdown and the band's drummer changeover in 2020. Enlisting long-time friend James Knoerl (Aviations) to play drums on this was a means for the band to maintain their motivation and creative spirit alive. Austin's brother, Samuel Peters (Ardea), created the synths on this song when he was 14 years old, and they became the pillar of the track's creation. In 2020, Samuel recreated those synths for this new release.

Technical, prog prone and buzzing with energy, the new version of the track feels fresh and lively, finding the band harnessing their inventiveness and appearing all buoyed up.

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