D//E Premiere: Kæry Ann: Moon Lies

The sound of Italian artist Kӕry Ann is principally based on a dreampop foundation, and incorporates elements from modern psychedelia, shoegaze and folk. The project's third single Moon Lies arrives together with the announcement of the debut album Songs of Grace and Ruin, recorded and mixed by Andrea Volpato (New Candys), and expected to be released digitally and physically on  January 27th, 2023 via Anomic Records.

Moon Lies, which recalls the dreamlike haziness and melancholy of Mazzy Star, is the only track on the upcoming album to feature an acoustic rhythm guitar and clearly display the artist's love for melodic sound.

Kӕry Ann explains the meaning of the song: “As moonlight deceives the eye of the beholder, blurring things and enveloping them in a dark and mysterious aura, so toxic love and emotional addiction do not allow us to evaluate clearly situations and people for what/who they really are, that's why I chose the title Moon Lies for these lyrics.

Even the sick rose and the highest wave that then drags to the bottom are metaphoric images to describe this feeling.

From the project's early stages, Kӕry Ann has used small poems written as a child to compose and record her first songs, with the  lyrics being brief flashes into her inner world, muddled with dreams, thoughts, and symbolisms as a consequence of conflicting emotions.

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