Curtain: A cold life

French coldwave/post punk band, Curtain, return after a fifteen-year absence, with new material planned to be released and performed live. The single A cold life, which justifies its title with a brooding instrumental base and fine lyricism, is the first example of the band's new material.

Curtain's return feels special, coming after two full-length albums and one EP in the 2000s. The band celebrated the 20th anniversary of their album No Flowers by Request, which MusikĂ–eye reissued in deluxe form in 2021, and now they seem to be making a new start, with a fresh creative objective, sounding aspiring and admirable.

A cold life pairs to a video, produced by Martial Mingam, was loosely inspired by the work of French television and radio director/video artist, Jean-Christophe Averty.

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