Mares of Thrace: Mortal Quarry

Self-described as “mixed-race, mixed-gender, all-nerd,” Canadian heavy rockers Mares of Thrace deliver a very engaging juxtaposition of styles which involves elements of stoner rock, doom metal, progressive, noise rock and hardcore to come up with a sound which is filled with both technical prowess and a lot of fervor.

Trez (vocals, guitar) and Stef (drums) formed Mares of Thrace in 2009, and released their debut album, The Moulting, in 2010, followed by 2012's The Pilgrimage on Sonic Unyon Records, which was produced by Sanford Parker (Voivod, Yob, Pelican), and put the band on the heavy rock map as a powerful new name. After a very extended break, the band returned in 2022, with Trez still at the helm and long-time Mares collaborator Casey on drums, bass, and electronics. The Exile, the band's third album, is a concise, six-song, 35-minute record of beautiful, expressive, pristine heaviness which demonstrates the band in top form and brimming with inspiration.

Lauded for their live presence, Mares of Thrace have delivered an excellent new record in which they indulge in a variety of musical styles in a masterful and seamless manner, and channel their energy on record. Despite being about ten years late, The Exile not only doesn't lack in anything, but it also feels like an album sourced from a never-ending supply of raw energy.

Mortal Quarry is the album's centerpiece and focus single, a dynamite of a track packed with thriving riffs and scorching vocals which exemplifies the band's markedly different model of heaviness.

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