Grief Circle: Cursed

Coming from Southern Poland, Grief Circle deliver an ultra heavy and edgy blend of post metal, sludge, doom and stoner metal. Cursed is part of the band's impressive debut six-song release, Weightless.

Quite hefty and muscly on the instrumental front, sturdy vocally and pretty immense on the whole, Cursed is the dynamic opening number to an album rich in both intensity and emotionality, and a pristine exhibition of the band's genre know-how. At the same time, much like the rest of the pretty weighty Weightless, the track serves as a fantastic standalone number whose impressibility is rather dominant.

Grief Circle are composed of Filip DÄ…browski (bass), Jakub Hanusa (drums) (ex-members of post-metal group Forge of Clouds), Jonasz Plaskota (guitar), and Kvass (vocals - Psychotropic Transcendental, Moanaa).

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