D//E Premiere: Dead Patrons: Nothing

South London noise rockers, Dead Patrons, follow their debut single, Lover, with a new track and video which showcases the band's dynamism and songwriting aptness. Although Nothing is themed on feelings of insignificance and powerlessness, the actual music hits hard in a very interesting juxtaposition.

The sarcastic lyrics are delivered by lead singer Paul Killengray against the sharp guitars provided by Ross Davies, and unyielding bass by Rob Good. The song builds tension with Terry Edwards' (Gallon Drunk, PJ Harvey, Bad Seeds) horns and shrieking sax, which combine exquisitely to produce additional grittiness. The song builds to a culmination, as crowd noises emerge and appear to be counting down to someone's demise.

The video, directed by Tom Brewins, is a film noir/B-movie horror take on the self-questioning that comes with being an outsider and losing your authority. It contains graphic content that should not be viewed by the faint of heart.

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