Zetra: Hopeless Odyssey

Zetra began as a promising act with a competent, refined take on shoegaze and heavy rock, and with each new release, they continue to establish themselves as a fairly unique band with a clear vision and expertly executed musicality. The band's new single, Hopeless Odyssey, strikes a balance between the goth rock avantgardism and theatrics of Type O Negative and the sentimentality of greats like Deftones and Nothing.

"The end lies ahead, just out of sight.
A journey must be made; seas must be traversed; trials must be overcome.
But what lies at the end?
Give up your hope. Take the first step."

Absolutely superb production, perceptive lyricism, and committed performances by the ever-creative Zetra continue to create a sound which instantly feels like the pinnacle of doomgaze.

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