Dakota Blue: In Reach of Rancho

True DIY creator, Dakota Blue delivers new single, In Reach of Rancho, an imaginative interconnection of dreampop and art rock sounds with traditional Americana and western aesthetics, delivered in a delightful melodramatic tone, and featuring a beautiful instrumental dream sequence built on intertwined telecasters, fretless bass, and fuzzy lapsteel.

The artist explains: "This song is about the blurred lines between dreams, memories, and scenes from old movies. A cosmic cowboy drifter forgets what’s real and what’s fantasy. The drifter sifts his way through the day to day collaged mirage of the past and parallel universes in order to find his way back to the present. But what if the roads have changed and the destination is destroyed?"

Regarding the creative process, Dakota Blue adds: "This song has been in the back of my mind for a while now. I originally wrote it five years ago and have recorded a number of different versions. It’s generally the first thing I go to play if I walk up to a piano. In a way the process of getting 'rancho' to its final form has mirrored the songs meaning in itself. I had to sift though my old self’s thoughts and ideas to make something new for right now."

A dark and gothic kind of twang has always been a strong ingredient of Dakota Blue's sound up to this point, and with the new single's over-romanticism in place, it all feels realized to the fullest.

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