Venetian Veil: Treeline

Venetian Veil is a Sacramento, California-based duo which has come forth with a chain of EPs and albums over the last decade. The band's music focuses on a wide range of dark and atmospheric sounds, bringing together features from darkwave, post punk, goth, shoegaze and ambient into something quite imaginative.

Jim Willig (Lament Cityscape, Audioemetic) and Susan Hunt started releasing music as Venetian Veil in 2010 after having played together in the experimental post metal band (Waning) in 2007. With this project the artists blend an intriguing juxtaposition of sound, and their forthcoming mini-album The Lands of the Living and the Dead will be released through Dune Altar on November 11th, 2022. 

New track Treeline in contrast to the band's more experimental side, feels more song-oriented, and carries a deep kind of darkness mingling with a traditional dark folk tone.

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