R. MISSING: Doey Youth - Place Of Angels Version

Surgeon (aka Anthony Child) and R. Missing will release their new collaborative single Doey Youth (Place Of Angels Version). The song includes reworked version of Surgeon's Place of Angels from the album IT045 Europa Code with overlayed vocals by R. Missing's Sharon Shy. 

Surgeon (Anthony Child) is a British electronic musician who has influenced the international underground techno scene since the nineties. He runs two of his own labels, Dynamic Tension and Counterbalance.

The two acts complement each other wonderfully, with Surgeon's propulsive tone and production blending effortlessly with R. Missing's dreamlike darkness and overall musical ethereality.

"Doey Youth is a track we've rewritten too many times to count," R. Missing writes. "What began as a remix eventually led to combining the vocals with a rework of Surgeon's gorgeous track Place Of Angels, originally from the album IT045 Europa Code. Surgeon's output has always been an incredible influence and source of inspiration."

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