Nothingheads: 3000 Years In Showbusiness

Nothingheads, a rising  London band, formed in 2020 and create discordant track drawing influence by post punk and doom. The band's new single, 3000 Years in Showbusiness, is the first in a series of new releases that will precede their new EP, scheduled for next year. The single is available through the DIY label Just Step Sideways Records

Recorded by Wayne Adams (previously recorded JOHN, USA Nails) at Bear Bites Horse studios, 3000 Years in Showbusines captures the forcefulness of a Nothingheads live show, blending edgy guitars with raucousness and raw energy, leading to a doom laden culmination. The song is an enjoyable glance at the insincerity of current times, embodying contemporary political disharmony.

The band say about the accompanying video: "From the ancient colosseum, to casinos, cockfights, porn and reality TV, there’s always been a need to entertain and be entertained, as long as eyes are watching and money’s coming in. So we tried to make a non-linear video to loosely explore that theme."

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