The Men: Hard Livin'

On their new label home Fuzz Club Records, the great The Men return with the announcement of their new album, New York City, and unveil the explosive lead single, Hard Livin'.

Gritty garage rock, hard rock and proto-punk come together seamlessly in a back to basics kind of direct rocker with firm punk spirit. 

Nick Chiericozzi says of the track: “Hard Livin' is a song trying to find a way to adjust between requesting G-dly intervention and reconciling the fact that we are largely alone. Hard Livin' is livin' hard. It's something people go through and that in fact, besides our beginnings and endings, might be our single most shared experience.” 

The album was originally put together with a diļ¬€erent tracklist by founding members Chiericozzi and Mark Perro alone in late 2020 using a drum machine, but that approach was abandoned in favor of a full band sound, with the addition of drummer Rich Samis and bassist Kevin Faulkner.

The New York City album was revised, reorganized and shaped until it became clear that things fall into place like the hammer driving the nail or the scythe's swipe through the tall grass.

New York City was recorded live to 2" tape in Travis Harrison's (Guided By Voices, Built To Spill) Brooklyn studio and is a work loaded with force and vibrancy that can only be captured in a live setting.

These songs became the blood of the band as the band could only exist for and of these songs. There was no place else to hang their hats. Without making this record, the group would not exist, so there really wasn't another option. NYC is fluid. It means a lot of different things to all kinds of people. We present the record in that spirit.

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