The Psychotic Monks: Post-Post-

French post punk band, The Psychotic Monks, will be releasing their upcoming new album Pink Colour Surgery, on February 3rd,2023 through Vicious Circle / FatCat Records. The album is produced by Daniel Fox of Gilla Band and it's composed in part by improvisations.

Post-Post- is the first single from their upcoming album, an offbeat post punk cut with existentialist overtones and a keen awareness of the state of the contemporary age.

Clara Marguerat, a frequent collaborator of the band who previously directed their music videos Closure and Isolation, returns to direct the video. Nixe Amère, a French drag king artist, performs in the video.

It captures a modern version of the Nixie story, with the second half of the clip showing her exorcising demons within herself through liberating acts. Concepts about one's connection to their own body and how to converse with others in a post-post- world emerge.

"At first, Post-Post- seems to be like a 2-in-1 song,” the band comment. “But in fact, it’s more like the two sides of the exact same coin, where the one part cannot exist without the other. It’s about one's relation to their body and feelings, how to interact with other people and how to deal with them in a post-romantic, post-social, post-covid, post-post- world."

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