A Place To Bury Strangers: Nice Of You To Be There For Me

Nice Of You To Be There For Me is the first track on A Place To Bury Strangers' brilliant latest album, See Through You, and the latest piece to get the music video treatment. This is the ninth video off the album, and it's a pretty imposing one, created by Mr Riddlestone.

Oliver Ackermann explains: "This song is about how greed infects all of us and makes us do things we might not normally do. Being greedy is actually quite shortsighted and voluntarily naive. When I was writing this song, I felt the need to express the feeling of being taken advantage of by someone I regarded as a friend. The guitar solo is a fantasy dream out of that world that returns to grim reality of disappointment in another persona."

Riddlestone comments on the animated video he created for the song: “Through a son's perspective we look back in time to reveal the significant moments that shaped the estranged relationship between him and his father.” 

Riddlestone's sepia-toned animations aim at the direct connection of the harsh frustration, persisting discontent, and fury, imploding all traces of anguish and despair at once.

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