Syzygy: Balance Disorder

Balance Disorder, the third single from Melbourne synthpop duo SYZYGY's upcoming debut album, is lyrically inspired by research into the escalator effect, a phenomenon in which, upon taking a step onto a broken escalator, we experience a weird feeling of imbalance despite our clear understanding that the escalator is not moving and will not move.

Balance Disorder is an upbeat, solid pop song with high pitched and waving synth arpeggios shaping a straightforward structure, and vocals which consistently drift around the instrumentals.

The band explain the concept: "We became struck by the idea that what causes this is a dissociation between the cognitive and motor functions of the brain. We are aware that the escalator is broken, however our bodies react, recalling previous learned experience of the escalator in motion. 

"It felt like a fitting metaphor for those times when you know what you are about to do is the exact wrong thing and yet,  in an almost an out of body experience - you find you can’t stop yourself from doing that wrong thing, reliving past mistakes over and over again."

SYZYGY's new album, Anchor & Adjust, will be released on October 14th, 2022 through It Records.

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