Modern Stars: Drowning

Italian experimental alternative rockers, Modern Stars, prepare for the release of their third album, Space Trip For The Masses, which is inspired by the recent publicity surrounding space tourism projects, and explores the idea of the internal search for happiness through the narrative of an amateur astronaut who leaves for the sun without coming back.

Space Trip For The Masses follows the band's previous full lengths, Silver Needles from 2020, and  PsychIndustrial from 2021, and it's introduced with the dreamy and spacious single, Drowning. Halfway through the album's story which is where the song is fitted, a space traveler realizes there is no turning back from their fate. The moody and atmospheric tone of the song permeates the video which comes with is, conjuring up the harsh feeling that comes from having to live up to contemporary society's standards.

Modern Stars are composed of Andrea Merolle Andrea Sperduti who have both have been active for a while in several bands of the underground scene, and Barbara Margani who is a lyric soprano.

Space Trips For The Masses comes out on November 11th, 2022 through Little Cloud Records. 

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