Asbest: Autodigestion

From Basel, Switzerland, Asbest made a strong impression in 2018 with their debut album, Driven, showcasing their pretty dark and gritty fusion of post punk and noise rock sounds. Marking the band's return, new track, Autodigestion, is a piece full of existentialist qualities, and the first example off their upcoming full length, Cyanide, due in 2023.

"Autodigestion begins with a forceful riff that dissolves into a slow lament, decrying our imprisonment in a system created by ourselves, destroying itself and only propped up as an end itself," Asbest state. "It suggests a dystopia in which humans are reduced to their functions – exploited systematically, existing and being allowed to participate only in order to consume. Any attempt to break out falls due to the impossibility of finding a true life in the false one."

Asbest explore the question: "Is it possible to lead a truly happy existence within a diseased reality without denying oneself or the circumstances? To quote Adorno: Is there a right life in the wrong one?"

Autodigestion radiates with darkness and audacity, and is another instance in which Asbest bring their impassioned and mesmerizing features to the frontline.

Asbest are composed of Robyn Trachsel (vocals, guitar), Judith Breitinger (vocals, bass), and Jonas Häne (drums). 

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