Street Grease: Take The Blood From My Body

A new force in dark industrial rock appears to be emerging in the form of a new band comprised of members from other notable acts. UK's Street Grease bring forth a dark and unrelenting industrial sound in the vein of early Nine Inch Nails and Ministry, with a strong noise rock bent.

Street Grease are the creative project of Maud Neesam (JCQ, Torrid Horror) and Caine Hemingway (Torrid Horror) who brought their early creations to Bear Bites Horse Studios for a five-day recording session in collaboration with Wayne Adams (Petbrick, Big Lad, Lady Scraper). The result is a multi-layered, difficult to define and emotive work, a collection of brutal, post-traumatic songs which will become their first EP, Fawn.

With the addition of Lewis Reynolds (Meet Me In St. Louis), Charlie Simmonds, and NANCY to the lineup, Street Grease setting off to extend their act to full band live shows, and more new music.

The first single from Street Grease, Take The Blood From My Body, demonstrates the band's acidity and dark colors. The song makes a powerful impression by way of a fury of feverish vocals and unyielding, harsh instrumentals.

Band photo courtesy of Street Grease

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