Monolithe Noir: Askre

From the mind of dexterous musician Antoine Pasqualini, French experimental outfit, Monolithe Noire, return with the first example off their upcoming third album, Rin, which comes out on August 26th, 2022 through Capitane Records. 

Monolithe Noire combine influences from progressive rock, ambient, electronica, folk, post rock, and Italian library music to create a perplexing yet captivating sense of musical unconventionality which feels curiously rewarding.

The tracks on Rin are teeming with angst and enigmatic energy, and Askre makes no exception, coming across like an rough piece of archetypal post rock force.

Antoine Pasqualini describes the new track: "Conceived as a kind of homage to the British Australian band's Serpent's Egg digital medieval inclination, Askre means "chest" in Breton. It also means conscience. The song was built on a theme played on a hurdy-gurdy I built myself during lockdown. I have been fascinated by this instrument for about two years now but never had the money to buy one. Since I like woodwork and was as interested by the technical aspect of the instrument than its sound I decided I'd gather pieces of woods, bones and metal to build one myself. I found some measurements and information here and there and took advantage of the impossibility to play shows.

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